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[HUB] Introducing Aion Network

Aion is the first platform to connect public blockchains not only to other public blockchains, but to private enterprise blockchains. Aion is a third-generation blockchain network that will enable any private or public sector blockchain to:
Aion-1: At the root of the Aion network is a purpose-built, public, third-generation blockchain called Aion-1. Designed to connect other blockchains and manage its own applications, Aion-1 also provides the economic system that incentivizes interoperability in the ecosystem.
AION tokens are the fuel used to create new blockchains, monetize interchain bridges, and secure the overall network. The AION token is initially being offered on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. As soon as the Aion network is operational, these ERC-20 tokens can be seamlessly converted to AION network tokens, and will continue to be able to flow freely back and forth between these two blockchains.
Thank you for supporting the Aion project! Let us know what more you want to see in this post and it will continue to evolve.
One last time, join us on Discord and Telegram
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Bitcoin Zynga Payment with KryptoKit - YouTube

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